The Certified Business Register (CBR) was first introduced in 1995, as a one page listing of only eight businesses that were certified in two categories. Today, it displays over 600 businesses listed in five distinct certification categories. It is published in two versions, a recently updated easy to use bound hardcopy and an online version. The hardcopy is distributed to City departments, major developers, contractors, other public, private and non-profit organizations. It is noteworthy that City departments must comply with Executive Order (EO) 2003-4, which can be read on this website. The Register is the primary source for meeting the obligation of this EO. The online version is updated at least monthly and contains the identical format as the hardcopy.

We believe that the development of business to-business partnerships will be key to the City's future success. The CBR is a resource tool for City departments, major developers, contractors, other public, private and non-profit organizations. The support of local businesses generates tax revenue, provides opportunities for business expansion and increases employment opportunities for Detroit residents. It is our goal that the Register becomes an essential resource tool for procurement in the public and private sectors. We encourage businesses to become certified and to purchase from other certified businesses.

2014 / 2015 Business Register


  • Enhances the profile of a business among its peers on a regional and national level
  • Simplifies finding and accessibility to other certified businesses
  • Helps to increase the tax base, increases City services; thus benefiting local businesses
  • Creates a stronger economic community that serves as an insulator against economic downturns
  • Demonstrates a tangible commitment to the City of Detroit

The Register is organized alphabetically by business type. Each business entry includes the company's address, phone number, contact person and certification categories. We also list and clarify the type of goods and services that each company provides. These descriptions are based on the National Institute of Government Purchasing, Inc. (NIGP) commodity/service codes.

Companies that offer similar products/services are for the most part grouped together under a specifically defined business section. However, some may also provide products/services in more than one category. Please note that the "Other" section gives a boarder variety of products/services and companies than can be found elsewhere in the Register.

The City of Detroit Human Rights Department/Commission is pleased to present our 2014 / 2015 Certified Business Register

Special Note:

  • The certification status of each certified business is current relative to the date of printing.
  • Businesses listed in the Register have made application and been subject to review in determining their eligibility in meeting criteria of the DHB/DBB/DSB/MBE and or WBE certification(s) as outlined in the department’s Administrative Guidelines.
  • The Human Rights Department does not guarantee the quality or reliability of the products or services of the businesses listed.