The Detroit water, sewer and drainage rates are reviewed every spring and adjusted, if needed, every summer. The Detroit Board of Water Commissioners, in a public forum, reviews and approves the rates for Detroit residential and commercial customers.


Several factors are computed as part of the Detroit water and sewer rates. They include:

  • Water purchased through the Great Lakes Water Authority;
  • Citywide volume usage;
  • Operation and maintenance of distribution lines, water mains and sewer infrastructure;
  • Capital improvement programs;
  • Sewerage disposal;
  • Collecting and treating rain water and snow melt from rooftops, lawns and paved surfaces;
  • Cost of noncollectable accounts from residents and businesses; and
  • Debt payments.

Water and sewer rates for Detroit customers in 2017-2018

Water and sewer rates for suburban customers in 2017-2018