The Detroit Police Department and its members are firmly committed to providing professional police services to Detroit citizens and visitors. All concerns relative to police services are taken seriously. Detroit's Men and Women in Blue are dedicated to serving You. Detroit's Police precincts have been divided into areas and assigned to NPO's as long term assignments.  All NPO's will develop ties with the community and business sector to create a different form of police presence for non-emergency and recurring quality of life issues.
Downtown Services
Precinct Map
20 Atwater
Detroit, MI 48226
(313) 237-2850
Captain Conway Petty
Downtown Services NPO
2nd Precinct
Precinct Map
13530 Lesure
Detroit, MI 48227
(313) 596-5200
Commander Mounsey 
2nd Precinct NPO
3rd Precinct
Precinct Map
2875 W. Grand Blvd.
Detroit, MI 48202
(313) 596-5300
Commander Giaquinto
3rd Precinct NPO
4th Precinct
Precinct Map
4700 W. Fort St.
Detroit, MI 48209
(313) 596-5400
Commander W. Walton
4th Precinct NPO
5th Precinct
Precinct Map
3500 Conner
Detroit, MI 48215
(313) 596-5500
Commander Ewing
5th Precinct NPO
6th Precinct
Precinct Map
11450 Warwick
Detroit, MI 48228
(313) 596-5600
Commander Tosqui 
6th Precinct NPO
7th Precinct
Precinct Map
3501 Chene St
Detroit, MI 48207
(313) 596-5700
Commander Mahone
7th Precinct NPO
8th Precinct
Precinct Map
21555 West McNichols Road
Detroit, MI 48219
(313) 596-5800
Commander Pritchett
8th Precinct NPO
9th Precinct
Precinct Map
11187 Gratiot
Detroit, MI 48213
(313) 596-5900
Commander Mahone
9th Precinct NPO
10th Precinct
Precinct Map
12000 Livernois
Detroit, MI 48206
(313) 596-1000
Commander Kyriacou
10th Precinct NPO
11th Precinct
Precinct Map
5100 Nevada
Detroit, MI 48234
(313) 596-1100
Commander Leach
11th Precinct NPO
12th Precinct
Precinct Map
1441 W 7 Mile
Detroit, MI 48203
(313) 596-1200
Commander Thomas
12th Precinct NPO