This is an informational flyer for the State of Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services.  this department regulates insurance companies such as: HMOs, insurance agencies, insurance agents,or insurance companies; consumer finance companies such as: debt management companies, loan officers, mortgage companies, motor vehicle sales and financing, and payday loan companies; and financial institutions such as state-chartered banks and credit unions.  This agency can be contacted by anyone with questions or complaints about any of these types of institutions. 

Representatives of the DIFS gave a brief presentation at the recent Flood Mitigation Outreach Seminar where they spoke of the difference between optional flood coverage as part of your homeowner's insurance and flood insurance that can be obtained through the National Flood Insurance Program.  Basement flooding caused by sewer backups may not be covered by flood insurance if no surface flooding occurred.  The presenter was advocating for homeowners to protect themselves by investigating a rider to their homeowner's insurance that would cover basement flooding due to sewer backups.


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Department of Insurance and Financial Services Information Flyer