Applications are available online here (for printing purposes only) or visit:

City of Detroit Buildings, Safety Engineering and Environmental Department Electrical Division
Coleman A. Young Municipal Center
2 Woodward Ave. Fourth Floor, Room 408
Detroit, MI 48226

between the hours of 8:00 am - 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.

Please note: The Electrical Contracting Company must be located within the City of Detroit.

The applicant must either hold a current and valid Master Electrician's License or hire a current and valid Master Electrician that will be employed full time by the applicant. The Master Electrician shall be actively in charge of and responsible for Code compliance of all installations of electrical wiring and equipment performed by the contracting company.

Applicant MUST complete Electrical Contractor's License application per below:

Both a Registration form and two Licensing Application forms must be filed out in its entirety, except where noted. If applicant is a Master Electrician her/himself: Please complete Parts A & C only. Please make sure the signature is notarized. If hiring a Master Electrician: Complete Parts A & B only. The Master Electrician fills out Part C only. Please make sure ALL signatures are notarized.

Documentation Required:

  • All three Application forms
  • Current and valid Driver's License or State ID. Passports are NOT accepted.
  • If applicant is a Licensed Master Electrician, a copy of the applicant's Master Electrician's License is required.
  • If Master Electrician is hired, a copy of the hired individual's Master Electrician's License is required.

Step 2:
Submit applications with documentation to the Electrical Division in Room 408 for approval from the Board of Electrical Examiners. A written approval or denial will be mailed to the applicant via mail.

Step 3:

If Denied: Applicant must provide requested documentation as written from the Board of Electrical Examiners, and re-submit for Board approval.
If Approved: Applicant will need to come down to the Electrical Division (Room 408) to pay for the Electrical Contractor's License Exam (fee is $55.00). Once exam is paid the applicant may schedule an exam date. The examination is taken in Room 408.

Step 4:
Take the exam on scheduled date and time (9:30 a.m.). Applicants will receive their test results in writing. TEST RESULTS WILL NOT BE GIVEN OVER THE TELEPHONE.

Step 5:
If applicant fails exam: Applicant must re-pay the exam fee and re-schedule an exam date.  A waiting period is not required for failure of the Electrical Contractor's exam. The applicant may re-schedule for the next available date until applicant successfully passes the exam. 
If applicant passes exam: The applicant must come to Room 408 for a Licensing Invoice to pay for the Contractor's License ($55.00).

Step 6:
Applicant must take invoice to the Licenses & Permits Division cashier and pay appropriate fees.
Step 7:
Electrical Contractor's License is issued to the applicant by the cashier.