1. All FOIA requests concerning non-police records will be processed through an attorney or a legal assistant in City of Detroit Law Department under the direct supervision of the Chief of Staff or Supervising Assistant Corporation Counsel of the FOIA Section, unless the FOIA request is directly handled by the FOIA Coordinator.
  2. When submitting a FOIA request concerning non-police matters, you must sufficiently describe a public record so as to enable personnel from the specific City department, agency, commission, or board to find the record(s).
    • Therefore, your FOIA request for non-police matters must contain the following information:
      1. A comprehensive description of the document you are seeking; and
      2. Time frame and/or date(s), if appropriate
    • If you know which City department, agency, commission, or board would have the requested record, please identify them.
    • Please try to avoid “any and all”. If your request is too broad, personnel from the City department, agency, commission, or board who will be searching and retrieving the record will most likely encounter difficulties in locating the record(s).
    • If the scope of your request is too broad for a City personnel to locate the requested records, your request may be denied or you will be presented with a request for a deposit payment.
    • The more descriptive and specific your request is, the easier it would be for a City personnel to search and to retrieve the requested record(s).
  3. Your request should include the word “FOIA” or “FOIA Request”.

Although no specific form is required to submit a FOIA request to the City of Detroit, the City has a DPD FOIA Request Form specifically for police records, for your use and convenience.
Non-Police Records FOIA Request Form

For convenience, you may also email the completed form or your written request, which provides sufficient information for DPD personnel to locate the requested record, to: FOIA@detroitmi.gov.

Note: If the FOIA request is for medical records, such as ambulance or an EMS run sheets, compliance with both federal HIPAA regulations and the Michigan Medical Records Access Act is required.
EMS Division HIPPA Form (Legal Representative)
EMS Division HIPPA Form (Personal Authorization)