GDYT Spotlight: Tiana Ross

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GDYT Spotlight: Tiana Ross


My name is Tiana Ross. I am 15 years old and will be a junior at Cass Technical High School this fall. I am involved in the Grow Detroit’s Young Talent program at Baber Memorial on Burt Rd., near Fenkell in Detroit.  The program lasts for 6 weeks, and so far we have completed various projects including repairing broken benches, cleaning up areas of the community, writing strategic plans, and creating plans for our futures. Pastor Larry Simmons is the director of the program. He is also the Executive Director of the Brightmoor Alliance and does many things in the community of Brightmoor.

In order to work efficiently we must work as a team by using our communication and listening skills. We must be understanding and respectful to one another. I feel that I am a leader because I am a team player and will speak up when necessary.

Grow Detroit’s Young Talent provided me with a job at 14, and now at 15 I am able to earn money to purchase the things that I want and need during the summer. Without this program I would have had to wait until I turn 16 in November to begin working. The thing that I enjoy the most about working with GYDT is getting to know different people. Since I work with Pastor Simmons, we go to a lot of different places. We get opportunities to meet different people and go to different events where we can network with people and businesses that may be beneficial in our futures.  After the program wraps up I will be going to various camps at the University of Michigan, and will enjoy my days left of summer before school begins.

The Grow Detroit’s Young Talent program is the first push on the swings of the playground; it is now up to me to keep swinging towards my success.   

I close with an inspirational quote shared by an influential woman in my life, Mrs. Marniese, who has driven me to do well: “Every opportunity is an opportunity to an opportunity.”


Tiana Ross

Editor's note: This entry was submitted by Grow Detroit's Young Talent participant, Tiana Ross, as part of the #MyDetroitSummer inititative.

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