Resident Success Spotlight: Lillie Gibson

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Resident Success Spotlight: Lillie Gibson

60 years after moving to Detroit in 1955, long-term resident Lillie Gibson thought she would have to move out of her home.

Her home was in serious need of repairs. Lillie couldn’t afford to repair her home with an expensive conventional loan. “My friends told me ‘if I were you I’d move,’” she said. “But this is my house; I sustain in it.”


Sustain in it she did, and now both Lillie and her home are flourishing.

Lillie received a home-improvement loan granted through the Detroit 0% Interest Home Repair Loan program, which allowed her to make extensive repairs on her home.


“If the program didn't help me I would have had to move.” The 0% Interest program allowed her to stay in the home she raised all her children in.  “The greatest benefit of the program was being able to put a new roof on. I was also able to repair my siding, ceiling, dry wall, and dining room. It’s a brand new house to me. I hadn’t had any work done since my husband passed in ’84.”

The Detroit 0% Home Repair Loans Program offers 0% interest loans ranging from $5,000 to $25,000. The program is simple: you payback only what you borrow. Unique in its inception, the program helps Detroit homeowners invest in and repair their homes, while promoting public health and safety, increasing property values, and helping residents secure and maintain homeowner’s insurance.

Lillie said what she’s most excited about is “What the City is doing for me and other people. I put my trust in God. The mayor said he was going to help people, and I believed him, and he did.”

She also said she is grateful for the expanding blight removal program, noting that “the city even tore down the home across the street. It had been condemned for years.”

“It’s a beautiful thing what he’s doing for the city. Why would I move anywhere else?”

For more information about the 0% Interest Home Repair Loan Program, visit detroithomeloans.org.

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