DPD's 8th Precinct is Reopening

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DPD's 8th Precinct is Reopening

It’s always great to know your local neighborhood police officer, at least that’s what Mary Price thinks.

Mary has lived in Detroit since 1976 and is excited to see the groundbreaking of the new Detroit Police Department's 8th Precinct. This new facility will complete DPD’s transition from large police patrol districts to smaller neighborhood precincts: an example of how the city and local communities are working together. This project also, with the help and leadership of Councilman Tate, repurposes the historic former Redford Branch of the Detroit Public Library System, which has long been a community staple. Now it will serve as a Detroit Police and Community Outreach facility.

Supporting her community as a Detroit Public Schools teacher for 14 years, she’s been committed to keeping her neighborhood vibrant and safe. “Though response times have been an issue for a long time” said Mary. “You don’t know how long it’s going to take for a 911 call to be answered.”

The opening of the 8th precinct is a stride in remedying this issue. With a smaller service area and greater proximity to the community, emergency response will decrease.

“I see it not only as substantial step forward for safety in the city—symbolically it’s very important. The people in our neighborhood will go by there on a daily basis. They will see physical evidence that the city is taking safety seriously.”

Mary believes that greater proximity to the community will have social benefits outside of heightened safety. “It will raise the confidence of the citizens, knowing that when they do report something actions will take place.”

“That’s really important for people’s quality of life.” Just like Mary, we’re committed to raising the quality of life in our neighborhoods.


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