Small Business Spotlight: GreenBliss

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Small Business Spotlight: GreenBliss

GreenBliss is an overall environmental home store that sells products ranging from household cleaners, to eco-friendly tech gadgets. Bliss Cureton started GreenBliss in 2010 but did not have a permanent location until 2014, when she opened her store on the Avenue of Fashion.

The idea behind the store came from Bliss spending time in California, where stores like this one were over saturated, so she got the idea to open one in Detroit.

“I didn’t want to move to California to have to open a store like this, so I decided to bring the idea home to Detroit.”

GreenBliss is a lifestyle store and goes beyond just being “green”. All of the products will enhance people’s lifestyles by creating a healthier environment. Some of the most popular items are Himalayan salt blocks, vegan handbags, and nontoxic cleaning products.

Bliss wants people to know that GreenBliss has more to offer than just cleaning products.

“When people come into the store, they are surprised by the variety of products. They usually tell me that I saved them a trip to the mall because they can buy gifts here for any occasion.”

The City of Detroit is committed to supporting small businesses and has developed a small business directory that highlights local entrepreneurs. Find GreenBliss in the directory along with over a hundred other businesses online or in print at Detroit Experience Factory, Sweet Potato Sensations and City Bird.



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