Small Business Spotlight: Teenie’s Deli

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Small Business Spotlight: Teenie’s Deli

Teenie’s Deli has been in business for 39 years, run by Johnnie Christopher and his daughter April Reliford. Johnnie and April welcome every customer with warm smiles, inviting conversation, and delicious food. Teenie’s specializes in corned beef, which is arguably the best in town. 

Johnnie used to deliver corned beef as a truck driver and that gave him the desire to own his business making corned beef.

“I wanted to do it all and I set out to do just that”.

Johnnie has four kids and the deli is named after his middle son, Teenie. Johnnie is proud of his business and has been able to send all of his children to college because of the deli.

Johnnie has been a small business owner in Detroit for many years and says that the deli has seen better days as far as business goes. He mentioned that over the last few years he has seen business decrease and hopes that the city’s focus on small businesses can help his get back to where it used to be.

“The majority of my business comes from long-standing, loyal customers, who come in regularly.”

Johnnie is happy where he is and says that he does not plan to expand business unless that’s what his children want. Teenie’s Deli is located at 18244 West Seven Mile. When you go, be sure to read the back of the menu where you’ll find “Teenie’s Famous Quotations”. The quotes are inspirational and motivating and Johnnie says that they have helped many of his customers over the years.

The City of Detroit is committed to supporting small businesses and has developed a small business directory that highlights local entrepreneurs. Find Tennie’s Deli in the directory along with over a hundred other businesses online or in print at Detroit Experience Factory, Sweet Potato Sensations and City Bird.


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