4 Things Every Detroiter Needs to Know About Angels' Night

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4 Things Every Detroiter Needs to Know About Angels' Night

For over 20 years, Detroiters have rallied to patrol their communities during the last three days of October. Angels’ Night was developed in the Coleman A. Young administration to fight crime, specifically arson, around the end of October. Over the last four years, fires have decreased during the Angels’ Night campaign, and that is attributed to volunteers.

The call for volunteers is currently open and if you’re thinking of volunteering, here are a few things you should know:

What is Angels’ Night all about?

Angels’ Night gets volunteers together to patrol different areas of the city. The volunteers drive around Detroit and patrol for suspicious activity. If volunteers happen to see something suspicious, they call 911.

Do you have to be a registered volunteer to participate?

Detroiters are strongly encouraged to register for Angels’ Night even if you cannot commit to patrolling neighborhoods. We ask that you turn on your front and back porch lights to keep areas well lit. Neighbors who live near vacant properties are asked to keep a watchful eye on the area. Also, if you happen to see any suspicious activity, report it by calling 911.

Why is Angels’ Night important?

Angels’ Night is important because it helps the city get in front of potential criminal activity that seems to spike around Halloween. Over the last four years, arson has decreased dramatically because of Angels’ Night volunteers.

How do people volunteer for Angels’ Night?

People can volunteer by calling  Angels’ Night Volunteer Hotline at (313) 224-4415 or click here to sign up.


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