Detroit Truck Driver Finds a Way during Tough Times

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Detroit Truck Driver Finds a Way during Tough Times

Robert Curry is one of Detroit’s many returning residents who, after years of imprisonment, used dislocated worker funds to obtain a Commercial Driver License. Getting that license helped him find a job that pays well enough to support him and his family. Curry has had many jobs and has been laid off constantly over the years. With felonies on his record, finding a job was not easy but his determination has allowed him to start fresh with help from the Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation.
During a stint of unemployment, Curry was having a tough time finding a substantial job when he heard about job training opportunities at DESC through a friend who also benefited from their programs. Curry decided that he would try a different route to find employment and met with Denise Stringer, an account representative at DESC. Stringer advised him to take the GAINS test so that he could qualify for funds to pay for CDL training. After taking the test twice, he almost doubled his score and was able to secure funds to complete his CDL training and is currently working on a second certification.
Robert Curry “Failure was not an option”, Curry says. “I always wanted more for myself”.
He has been employed at U.S. trucking for six months and he could not be happier. He has built up a network in the trucking industry and shares his knowledge within this brotherhood. He now makes enough money to provide for his family and was recently able to afford a small family vacation.
For more information about ways you can be involved with job training, visit http://www.detroitmi.gov/Detroit-Opportunities.

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